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    When is it best to buy a house in Canada?

    In winter, prices are lower, but people are susceptible about evaluating the house. It is still a good idea to have a look at the roof and the parts of snow melting or iced. It says a lot about the repair that the house might need. If there is a lot of snow, of course, it is hard to evaluate the landscape. For more, see the Evaluation and Repairs and FAQ pages.

    We are using dealing with the best experts from CarlsonDunlop that are doing the standards for the government, and use a good constant computation for repairs.

    When you buy a property it is also good to loop at the MPAC website, that offers a lot of useful information regarding the house and the in-scripted existent or non-existent priveleges or right of the neighbours of that property. Further research about a house will include a visit to the Toronto City Archives, (see Useful Links for a map), where a century long history of the house can be found, as well where or not the house was used as a deposit for uranium or asbestos, as it happened in some cases.

    On the Evaluation and Repairs page you will also find data about mold, floods (waterproofing),  and pests.

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About the Realtor

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